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Laser Drill x1

Drill Charges x2,000

Chainsaw x1

BioFuel x2,000

Basic Voidium Drill x1

Durable Epic Heavy Armor x1

Advanced Armor Booster x1

Advanced Jetpack Booster x1

Advanced Multi Booster x1

Advanced Insualtion x1

Advanced Mobility x1

Advanced Radiation Shield Booster x1

Royal Plasma Canon x1

Entropic Plasma Rifle x1

Royal Plasma Cartridge x3,000

Entropic Plasma Cell x3,000

Night Vision Googles x1

Regeneration Kits x100

Emergency Rations x500

Emergency Life Support x100

Advanced Multitool x1

Charges x2000


All items listed above are Empyrion in game items that will be delivered to you. The cost of the package is not for resale of the in game items. The cost is a handling fee for the time it takes for a TE Team member to deliver them to you. Package does not come with a warranty. Upon purchase please submit a support ticket in discord with your character name so we can promptly get them delivered to the correct player. No refunds are given.

TE Gear Me Please Package

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