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  • I do not see the name of the server in the online server list of Conan Exiles.
    If you haven't done so please join our Discord. Go to current server status channel and make sure that the server is online. If it shows that the server is online then please make use of the Direct Connect in the Server Connection & Information under the Conan Exiles tab and make sure to copy the entire string. There's no password on the server.
  • How long is a season in Truncheon Empire?
    A season lasts 3 months.* *subjected to change
  • How often is the server wiped?
    A server wipe can occur every 91 days according to the update schedule of Funcom after their Age of Sorcery launch. This will not affect any VIP memberships purchased.
  • Do I have to fill in a consent sheet before I log into the server?
    No, you don't have to fill in a consent sheet but you will be able to get past start much quicker if you have a consent sheet approved. We care about everyone's safety and therefore you will need an approved consent sheet to play on our server.
  • How do I travel to either of the three maps available using Amunets Mod?
    If you are on Exiled Lands, you want to travel to the market (/warp market). Once at the market find the big round building that holds the quest npcs and map room. Next to the map room are two small obelisks that you hold "e" on to travel from Exiled Lands to either Siptah or Savage Wilds. If you are on either Siptah or Savage Wilds, you want to travel to the start on those maps (/warp start). Once there the same obelisks that you found on Exiled Lands will be located there to transport you to one of the other maps.
  • I can't find the membership benefits on the website.
    Membership benefits can be found in our discord here: If you have any questions or concerns about the benefits please open a support ticket here:
  • The Mod screen shows 'Wrong Version' of the mod.
    Check that the mod version on the left of the screen and the version of the right of the screen matches. If the version on the left is lower than the version on the right of the screen it means the server needs an update if the version on the right of the screen is lower please unsubscribe and subscribe to the mod in steam while Conan Exiles is closed to update your version of the mod.
  • Can you please add a mod I like?
    The mods are chosen cautiously for each season after vigorous testing, to implement a mod in mid season may cause serious mod conflicts and server instability. However we appreciate input from the commnunity. Please join our Discord if you haven't done so and make a suggestion for the mod you like and we will be sure to see if we can accomodate it for the next season.
  • My item/pet or thrall just disappeared, it's impossible.
    Press Esc and then open your Event Log, slide the circle all the way to the right and then press submit, the item you lost and how you lost it will show up in red. If you need further assisstance please open a support ticket here:
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