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The storm calls for you once more as it always has....inevitable and unforgiving. Yet, as before, a glimmer of hope presents itself beckoning you towards it with the offer of a familiar embrace. Again a portal shines before you, no toll required, simply a choice to be made.


Do you accept the offered gift of safe passage somewhere, avoiding the coming storm? Or do you choose to tempt fate and brave the maelstrom, the frightful chaotic energies of the storm?


Are you prepared to be washed away into nothingness, with all you know and be expunged from the world by the powers of creation and the destruction by the might of chaos?


Will you be able to cling to hopes of holding onto your true the part that makes


Are you ready to have the Power of Chaos touch your inner reality with destruction and creation allowing you to become something or someone new, presenting a new soul or a changed soul after the passing of the storm?


Changed or not, will you remember who you were before....or will you become as new as a newborn babe, fresh from the womb of chaos, to begin forging a new life for yourself?


The new lands to come will be inviting...familiar....but oh so beware.


Will you put your energy forward to carve a new place for yourself to settle in and stay?


How many new souls will come?


How many old friends will return the same or slightly changed by the storm?


Be calm and watch for awhile, enjoy what these new lands hold for you to experience. Find or build a place to call home; a place to thrive or perish as a stain in its history.


Seek out the mysteries hidden in the new land and prepare for what the new Truncheon Empire has in store.....


Welcome to Season 9 of Truncheon Empire!

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