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[[Ending of Season 4]]

You were thrown around like livestock in a land you’ve come to know. Maybe it wasn’t your choice, but you made it into a home. Maybe it was never your choice to be here, but yet here you are.


Words like ‘trapped’ and ‘stuck’ came to mind when you thought of leaving these Truncheon Empires. Such savage lands with wild beasts and calamities around every corner. You either carried the Truncheon or were struck down by its might. These were the Empires of land you’ve come to know. Perhaps you’ve dug deeper and discovered some of its secrets.


Perhaps, you’ve discovered some of the astral portals and magical beings yourself.


Perhaps, you've discovered sorcery among these lands.


Perhaps you’ve discovered that this Astral Plane is one of thought, memory, and psychic energy bound together through a line of substance called ‘Aether’.


Perhaps you’ve discovered that this Astral Plane known as the lands of the Truncheon Empire was nothing more than a floating prison.


Your floating prison.


But how did you get here? Was it perhaps through the obelisks of the exiled lands which harnessed this aether as a means of astral travel? You know they say some of the more prominent mages know how to harness such power. Is that how you arrived? Were you exiled here to this prison? Were you inprisoned to these lands for capturing sorcerers? Regardless ...


You are a survivor. Now it was time to survive.

[[Beginning of Season 5]]

None of that matters anymore because life was dying all around you. The trees and lands were decaying and what seemed to take hours now took days... days feeling like weeks.

A new prison was seemingly spawned from the existing Astral Plane.

A portal provided your escape. Take who you want, take your beliefs into this new land. Forge a new destiny or push your beliefs onto the others. This new land was ripe with magic, but also ripe with new life. Adventures, Masters, and slaves alike entered this portal hoping for a new life, perhaps an escape. This current prison was becoming unstable after all. You found yourself heavy-footed and it was difficult to travel.

Rumors of those who traveled by sea already traveled into such portals. It was as if this prison was sucking life into it from different worlds with little explanation. But you didn't have much choice if you wanted to survive, now did you? All that you know is that the portal looks to be chilled; having an almost blue aura to it.

Will you take this new portal and opportunity from the unstable prison and test your fate?

Or would your name perish into the history books of an old world?

Welcome to the lands of Season 5 of Truncheon Empire.

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