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1. Don’t be a jerk.


2. No cheating: This includes hacks, map glitches or bots


3. Accounts:Only one account per user. Players cannot "impersonate" other tribes or players.


4. Names:

  • Tribe names must be alphanumeric, no symbols, emojis or boxes allowed.

  • Player name cannot be something with derogatory terms, swear words and must be alphanumeric, no boxes, emojis, or symbols.

  • Remember to introduce yourself in the players discord tab.


5. Pillaring: Placing foundations/pillars to claim land or to block mass amount of resource spawns NOT ALLOWED. NO PILLARING AT ALL!!!!


6. Dino Limit: 150 per person 500 per tribe. Does not count cyrofridged dinosaurs


7. One large base per tribe:, no taller than 80 or wider than 50x50 walls per tribe per map. Each tribe is allowed two 5x5 outposts no taller than 4 walls, 1 per individual player not in a tribe.


8. Or 1 smaller private base per player: no taller than 30 walls and 20x20wide.


9. No open world structures - especially turrets, tek forcefields or gates, foundations, pillars. The exceptions are 1 sleeping bag and 1campfire per location per person, 3 foundations with sleeping bags box and campfire per tribe, unlocked teleporters at obelisks, unlocked taming traps for public wild dinos, Plant Y and C4 traps.


10. Aggressive dinos must be kept on a leash, or behind walls.


11.No building whatsoever @ any of the following locations:

  • Player spawn locations

  • Pearl Cave

  • Lava Golem Cave

  • Ice Queen Cave

  • Life's Labyrinth

  • Ruins of Significance, ie: journals, special spawns, rare resources such as crystal, metal, pearl

  • Wyvern Trench Obelisks

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